The Dog & Surfer Roadshow is a blog and podcast focused on three of the greatest things in the world: Dogs, surfing, and travel. Featuring a surfer and his dog taking boundless road trips to distant, unexplored places that often don't have waves, The Dog & Surfer Roadshow features the surfer's perspective during road trip explorations to vast regions of the continent, with detailed storytelling of amazing experiences, fine dining, beaches, surf (when applicable), and adventure both for the individual traveler and their beloved canine friend.

Dr. Indiana Jones, or Indy for short, is a half English Bulldog, half Boxer who was rescued from the San Francisco SPCA when he was about a year old.  Indy was a casualty of the Great Recession, where numerous pets were abandoned as individuals and families were forced to leave foreclosed homes.  Indy has the personality of both an English Bulldog and a Boxer.  At times, it might be incredibly difficult to get Indy to move, as the English Bulldog personality takes over and all he wants to do is sleep for days at a time.  Then the Boxer personality kicks in, and Indy's ready for adventure.  This personality combination seems to work well with long road trips, as the English Bulldog sleeps in during long drives, and the Boxer is ready for adventure when a new destination is reached.

Cyrus Saatsaz is a
multimedia journalist for GrindTV and HuffPost, a Society of Professional Journalists Mark of Excellence Regional Award winner, a professor at the University of Houston, and the host of The Dog & Surfer RoadshowSaatsaz was formerly a senior editor with USA Today and a multimedia journalist with the San Francisco Chronicle.  Saatsaz is the author of the book Dogwild & Board: Stories, Interviews and Musings from a Surf Journalist, the former host of a nationally syndicated action sports radio show that aired on ESPN and KNBR for 12 years, and the webcast commentator for the Maverick's Surf Contest. Cyrus@DogSurfRoadshow.com

The Dog & Surfer Roadshow celebrates the lost art that is Long-Form Journalism, a concept that traditional news organizations and media publications have for the most part abandoned.  In an era that demands the measurables of clicks and unique visitors to their websites, digital media organizations continually call for condensed stories due to society's drastically-reduced attention span. Stories with depth, intrigue, emotion, passion, creativity, context, detail, and a compelling narrative are often lost and compromised in the digital landscape.

This blog seeks to share stories of travel, romance, and adventure from an award-winning journalist who, through the expression of writing, welcomes you into his world.